Vito and John grew up in Rockwall county, the smallest county in Texas. Vito is the eldest and John is the third of five kids who've all been the best of friends since childhood. Being homeschooled meant that they got to spend a lot of time with each other, playing make believe out in the back yard, becoming Jedi knights via their Playstation, or reading. There was a lot of reading, both on their own, and at the kitchen table, where their mother would read stories over breakfast. The Hobbit, Redwall, The Tale of Despereaux, My Father's Dragon, and many others ignited their imaginations with a fire that never died.

They dabbled in writing their own stories from time to time, but never quite made it past the initial stages of world building and plotting. A couple chapters in and they'd stall, go back, rewrite the beginning, stall again, go back to the drawing board, rinse and repeat. 

No more though! 

They're kicking the habit and finishing a novel. Join them on their fun and accidentally educational journey and equip yourself with the tools to fight world building addiction, finish a draft, and finally finish writing your book.